Mandatory Disclosure

Family Lawyer

In any type of family law case in Florida, both parties have a duty to provide mandatory disclosure of financial matters to the other party. The Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure require certain financial documents and information to be automatically provided. Although completing disclosure is burdensome, it ensures that everyone is being fair and honest in your family law case in Tampa Bay, Florida

It can be very expensive and time consuming for your family law attorney in your case to copy and organize your documents. If you can organize these documents yourself, it will save you money. I have provided a Discovery Check List with instructions on which documents you need to provide and how to organize them. As you family lawyer I will help you, of course, if there are any questions or problems. If the other party has the documents and you can?t get them, just let me know. However, you have to put forth a good faith effort. I have also provided a link so you can fill out a rough draft financial affidavit

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