Who Cares if It Pleases the Court

Lawyer Steve Bartlett won a big case last week in the trial of accused judge stalker William E. Rau. Rau, who faced 20 years in prison, was acquitted of felony stalking charges. A jury found him guilty only of a misdemeanor. The big win is bound to help the practice. The Insider noted a couple of weeks ago Bartlett's lack of a good nickname.

His father was a professional hockey player who earned the name Black Bart during his years fighting and checking in the NHL. Alas, son Steve doesn't have a good nickname, though Senior Judge Horace Andrews might want to suggest one, perhaps Steve "I Object" Bartlett. The judge grew so tired of Bartlett objecting during the Rau trial then arguing with the court even after an adverse ruling, Andrews twice threatened Bartlett with contempt of court. In his closing statement, Bartlett made it clear to jurors he doesn't seek to curry favor with the court. Referring to evidence that Rau's former attorney once called a judge to warn about a threat Rau had made against him, Bartlett said, "As we know, a lot of lawyers are brown-nosers and love to suck up to judges." Bartlett apparently isn't in that group.

Staff writers Edie Gross, William R. Levesque, Katherine Gazella and Richard Danielson contributed to this report.

Posted in Uncategorized on Nov 28, 2016