Get Back on the Road!

When a person gets arrested for DUI or refuses to give a breath test after being requested by law enforcement, the Department of Motor Vehicles automatically suspends the person's drivers license starting ten days after the arrest. A person can request a hearing within ten days to contest the suspension. Of a hearing is requested, a temporary business purposes license will be issued. However, if the person loses that hearing, that temporary license will then be revoked. Reinstatement can occur only after DUI school is completed and a person serves a down time period in which they cannot drive at all.

However, there is a fairly new method which could avoid this from occurring all together for first time DUI offenders Instead of requesting a hearing, they can sign a review waiver form waiving their right to a hearing on the suspension, pay a $25 application fee, and show proof of enrollment in DUI school, they will be eligible for a temporary busninesss purposes license without any downtime when they are prevented from driving. If the defendant is later adjudicated guilty of DUI and the judge revokes the license, the department will reissue a new temporary license without any delay. This method allows people without a prior DUI to avoid any period of time in which they are not allowed to drive.

Posted on Mar 24, 2017