Don't be Embarrassed about Bankruptcy

Don't be embarrassed. Many of my bankruptcy clients feel embarrassed or a bit ashamed when they have to file bankruptcy. The propaganda machine of the big banks and credit card companies have created a stigma against those who wish a clean slate from oppressive debt. Most people who file for bankruptcy end up in the situation they are in due to forces outside of their control - they lose their job or have an unfortunate illness. The health care and financial industries are the two biggest creditors in almost all bankruptcies, and they are not hurting for money or profits. Nobody should feel ashames that they can't pay a 40,000 emergency room bill, when hospitals charge $100 an aspirin.

Bankruptcy laws helped make America great. Our capitalistic system only works by encouraging us to take chances. The entrepreneur spirit recognizes that failure often occurs many time before success is reached. Bankruptcy allows people to be willing to take a chance, knowing that if they fail, they can have a fresh start again.

Everyone knows that President Trump made billions after filing bankruptcy numerous times. However, he wasn't the first president to fail at business.

In 1833, the owner of a small general store was forced to file bankruptcy after financial failure. He wasn't thrown in a debtor's prison, but instead pressed on and attempted bigger and better things. We all know him as Abraham Lincoln.

Posted on Mar 16, 2017