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A conviction for battery can be devastating on your life. A person is usually given a no-contact provision which in many cases prevents them from living in their own home or even seeing their children. Any violation of the no-contact provision can result in a person going back to jail for violating the conditions of pre-trial release. Moreover, a conviction can be devastating to a person going through a divorce. A judge can use a conviction for domestic violence as a justification for granting the "alleged victim" sole custody of the children.

There are many misconceptions about domestic batteries. Many people incorrectly think that if an "alleged" victim doesn't want to "press charges," the charges will be automatically dropped. However, in most cases, the State Attorney will continue to attempt to prosecute even without cooperation of the "alleged victim." In many cases, even if the "alleged victim" chooses not to testify, the state can use 911 tapes and other statements made to the police officer by invoking the "excited utterance" exception to the hearsay rule.

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Although the most important function that a criminal lawyer can provide a client is putting on a vigorous defense at trial, there are other ways that a criminal attorney can help defend your rights. I can attempt to get the no-contact provision removed, and fight a permanent domestic violence injunction from being issued. This is important because any violation of a domestic violence injunction is also a crime punishable by incarceration. If an injunction is issued,

a person can be arrested merely on the word of the "alleged victim." I can negotiate with the State Attorney's Office and attempt to have the charges reduced or dismissed by putting pressure on the state attorney through tough negotiations and by filing appropriate motions.

The maximum sentence for a first time offender for battery is one year in the county jail. A second offense for battery is now a felony and is punishable by up to five years in state


A charge of Aggravated Battery is punishable up to fifteen years.

I am an experienced Board Certified Trial Specialist. Less than one percent of attorneys in Florida are Board Certified. Only Board Certified attorneys are permitted to call themselves specialists or experts in Criminal Law. Common sense dictates that you don't hire a family doctor to perform brain surgery - you hire a specialist. Likewise, because your freedom

hire a specialist. Likewise, because your freedom is at stake, don't make the mistake of hiring a criminal lawyer who isn't recognized by the Florida Bar as a specialist in criminal law. Instead, hire a criminal defense attorney who is Board Certified.

If you need a criminal lawyer because you are charged with battery or domestic violence in Clearwater, New Port Richey, or somewhere else in the Tampa Bay area, don't hesitate to call an experienced board

certified criminal attorney.

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