Attorney Advice: What to do if Arrested!

Criminal Attorney

If you are arrested in Clearwater, New Port Richey, or somewhere else in the Tampa Bay area, , the most important thing to remember is to keep your mouth shut. Do not try to make the fatal mistake of trying to talk your way out of trouble. The police have already decided to arrest you and nothing you can say will change their minds. You should politely say these words "I am not answering any questions. I want a lawyer." If you say this sentence. the police must stop all questioning immediately. Of course the police will attempt to trick you into talking. They are trained how to do this. However, not only do you have the absolute right to remain silent, but your silence may not be used against you. Also, do not talk to anyone in jail about your case, because many inmates would become a jailhouse snitch if they think it could help them get out of jail. Do not talk on the phone about your case because the phone calls are being recorded and you have no right of privacy when calling someone from the jail (Click here to view video on miranda rights and what to do if your arrested).

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I am an experienced Board Certified Criminal Trial Specialist. Less than one percent of attorneys in Florida are Board Certified. Only Board Certified attorneys are permitted to call themselves specialists or experts in Criminal Law. Common sense dictates that you don't hire a family doctor to perform brain surgery - you hire a specialist. Likewise, because your freedom is at stake, don't make the mistake of hiring a criminal lawyer for your DUI who isn't recognized by the Florida Bar as a specialist in criminal law. Instead, hire a criminal attorney for your DUI who is Board Certified expert in criminal defense.

I have defended hundreds of clients and have had over 80 jury trials - all for the defense. I believe criminal defense lawyers who gain the reputation for fighting the hardest gets the most favorable results. I am proud to protect our constitutional rights by battling prosecutors, judges, and cops in trial. I am completely committed to protecting the innocent and the wrongfully accused and I am very proud that I have NEVER been a state prosecutor. I HAVE NEVER PROSECUTED A CRIMINAL CASE AND I NEVER WILL!

Though the most important function of a criminal defense attorney is putting on a vigorous defense at trial, there are other ways that I can help defend your rights. I can negotiate with the State to try to have the DUI charges reduced or dismissed through tough negotiations and by filing motions. Also, defendants in DUI cases cases are often interested in resolving their cases by entering into a plea bargain as long as they are treated fairly, with dignity and respect. Although I am an aggressive criminal attorney, this has not diminished my professional relationships with the prosecutors at the Office of the State Attorney.

If you need a DUI lawyer because you were arrested in Florida, don't hesitate to call an experienced board certified criminal attorney. We offer Free Consultations and individually suited Payment Plans